Keto Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Wanna have a fast yet tasty lunch and dinner during busy days? Keto chicken lettuce wraps are worth serving. Fresh lettuces are topped with a delicious mix of ground chicken, onion, water chestnuts and a flavorful hoisin sauce. Easy to arouse your appetite, right?

Recipe For Keto Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Keto Chicken Lettuce Wrap ft

  • Prep Time15 min
  • Cook Time10 min
  • Total Time25 min
  • Serving Size6
  • Energy197 cal


For the wrap:

  • 1 pound ground chicken
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup canned water chestnuts, chopped
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 1 head butter/bibb lettuce

For the sauce:

  • 5 tbsp soy sauce I prefer low-sodium soy sauce. Can also use coconut aminos.
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter I use Smucker's Natural
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tsp hot sauce or Sriracha
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tsp rice wine vinegar Be sure to use regular rice wine vinegar for keto and low-carb. Seasoned rice wine vinegar has added sugar.
  • 1 tbsp zero-calorie sweetener I use Swerve
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • salt and pepper to taste


Start making sauce: Combine all ingredients for the sauce in a small bowl. Mix well and set aside.
Heat a skillet on medium-high heat. Add the ground chicken; eason with salt and pepper to taste.
Use a spatula or large spoon to break down the meat. Cook for 3-4 minutes, until the chicken has browned. Drain excess fat if needed.
Add onions. Cook for 2 minutes or until fragrant. Add in homemade hoisin, water chestnuts and green onions. Cook for more 1-2 minutes.
Load the filling into the lettuce. Top with green onions. Serve!
Aside from onions, you can add favorite vegetables to the filling. Carrots, mushrooms and green pepper, for instance. Source:
Keto Chicken Lettuce Wrap end
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