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    Explore the major features of Xcode 11, the integrated development environment for developers of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps. This course helps new Apple developers install Xcode and start writing and editing code. Instructor Todd Perkins reviews the version control and storyboard features, as well as the basics of Interface Builder, the intuitive UI design tool, and shows how to compile and debug apps and create unit tests to make sure your code does what it's supposed to do.


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      Todd Perkins

      LinkedIn Learning/Lynda.com Author and Game Developer

      Todd Perkins is a developer who specializes in iOS. He's developed over a dozen popular apps and games.

      He has published over 50 books and video courses that cover topics such as programming for nonprogrammers and game development. He is also a Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD), and holds a bachelor's degree in software development from Western Governors University. When he's not building applications or courses, he hosts the podcast Try, Try Again - a Movie Club, and plays a healthy amount of video games. Todd lives in California with his family.

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    - [Todd] Have you ever wanted to get into development for one of Apple's many platforms like iOS, macOS, or tvOS but didn't know where to start? My LinkedIn Learning course is just for you. I've spent the last 10 years developing macOS and iOS applications and I want to share with you what I wish I knew from the beginning based on my personal experience. With my course, you'll be able to go from being completely new to Xcode to understanding the most important concepts in just a few hours. I'm Todd Perkins, a senior iOS developer and I want to teach you what it takes to become an expert in Xcode. Check out my course on the Xcode essentials and get started on the path to mastering development for any and all Apple platforms.

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