Transformational Leadership

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    Inspirational leaders can create transformation within themselves and their teams, in the form of pursuing services and missions that matter. This course is designed to help leaders create cultures of innovation, engagement, and growth. Leadership expert Henna Inam shares specific practices any leader, or aspiring leader, can leverage to discover values, identify a purpose, and define a vision. Learn how to lead with integrity and empower others to be their best.


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      Henna Inam

      I help leaders thrive in disruption as an Executive Coach, Board Director, Author and Speaker

      Leadership expert Henna Inam is a team coach, author, and a former C-level leader at Fortune 500 companies.

      As the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc, Henna is an executive coach to C-level leaders who are creating transformation within organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, E.W. Scripps, and AMC Theatres. As a trusted advisor to these leaders, she helps them transform from within to create cultures of innovation, trust, and inclusion. Henna has 20+ years of experience in marketing, finance, and sales and has lived or worked in seven countries across four continents. She is the author of Wired for Authenticity, which won Leadership Book of the Year 2016. Her cutting-edge insights are regularly featured on and she has appeared on Fox Business, NPR, and CNNMoney online. Henna serves on the board of Engro Corporation, where she is also part of the Board Compensation Committee. She is also an organizer for TEDxWomen in Atlanta, GA. Find out more at

    Skills covered in this course

  • Being powerful in transformation

    - Do you fully feel energized by your work every day? Likely not. Many of us don't. Our world is changing rapidly. Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, globalization, virtual teams, restructuring in organizations: these are all trends that create exponential change, ambiguity, volatility, and stress. They leave us disengaged because the way we lad has not caught up to the world we lead in today. In this new world, we need every single person to be a leader who can have impact. We need transformational leaders like you so each of us can engage powerfully to solve the problems that matter to us. My guess is that if you're curious about this course, you already want to make a difference. You don't need a fancy title. What you do need is a desire to make a difference. And that, my friends, is an excellent place to start. Transformational leaders are driven by the difference they want to make. That inspiration drives them to learn to be the best leaders they can be, all in…

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