The Top PMO Challenges

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    Project management offices (PMOs) frequently struggle with challenges that can be avoided with the right level of knowledge and understanding. In this course, PMP Andy Jordan helps you recognize the common challenges that PMOs face, including those around relationships, influence, internal PMO operations, and even the future of PMOs. Each challenge includes a cheat sheet you can share with your team. Learn how to recognize when problems are occurring, understand why they happen, and evaluate solutions to fix them. Plus, find out how to prevent these challenges from coming back.


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      Andy Jordan

      Global portfolio management, PMO, program and project management thought leader. Speaker, author, instructor.

      • Andy Jordan, PMP, is the founder and president of Roffensian Consulting.

        Andy is a seasoned business professional with experience in many industries on two continents. After a career managing high profile, business critical projects for many organizations Andy moved into leadership of project management offices and built a reputation for building, rescuing, and improving this key function. His approach of tailoring processes to the style and ability of the organization and focusing on the development of project staff rather than the short-sighted approach of meeting project deliverables at all costs has repeatedly shown dramatic results.

        Moving beyond direct involvement in project, program and portfolio management and into consulting, Andy focused on working with companies to improve their capability to identify, prioritize and track the progress of key initiatives whether they were part of an ongoing evolution or to revolutionize the company through integration of an acquisition, organizational change management, etc.

        The recurring theme throughout Andy's career has been a focus on achieving results through developing staff, both individually and in teams. Andy firmly believes that one of the key deliverables of a Roffensian Consulting engagement should be the development of client staff to improve their capability to undertake similar future initiatives without relying on outside consulting support.

        Andy's résumé is rounded out by his engaging and approachable personality. Whether it be through written articles, teaching, or speaking engagements Andy delivers his message in a way that his audience can relate to, and with a style that keeps their attention.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Challenges and the project management office (PMO)

    - During my career consulting with businesses about their project management offices or PMOs, I've seen hundreds of different PMO challenges. They range from a PMO that the company thought was a replacement for project managers, to one that was tasked with getting resource utilization to 100%. Over they years I've found that many of these challenges share common underlying issues. Hi, my name's Andy Jordan. I've been guiding organizations on how to improve their PMOs for many years. In this course, I'm going to share some of the common issues I've seen PMOs tackle and help you to overcome them. We'll cover challenges around relationships, influence, internal PMO operations, and even the future of PMOs. We'll explore how to recognize when problems are occurring, understand why they happen, and consider how to fix them. And we'll also look at how to prevent them from coming back. For every challenge, I'll provide you with a…

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