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    SwiftUI, an innovative new way to lay out user interfaces on Apple platforms, made its debut with the release of Xcode 11. This UI tool kit provides layout structures, controls, and views that allow you to build user interfaces for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV—all from the same code. If you're curious how SwiftUI differs from UIKit and AppKit—or just want to get started with this powerful new tool kit—then this course is for you. Join Steven Lipton as he demonstrates how to use Xcode and SwiftUI to set up an app's user interface. Discover how to work with collection views, add navigation, animate interactions, and more. To lend these concepts a real-world context, he steps through how to use SwiftUI to build the front end of an ordering app for a pizza restaurant.


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      Steven Lipton

      Chief Information Officer at Scientific Device Laboratory and Owner, MakeAppPie LLC

      Steve Lipton is the VP of special projects at Scientific Device Laboratory and a developer and teacher.

      Steve has also been a tech support person, technical writer, and health inspector. He takes passion, knowledge, and creativity and turns them into designs and innovations that people love and buy. He makes cool stuff. Be it a medical device, book, or iOS app, Steve wants people all over the world to look at what he makes and find wonder and joy in using his creations. Check out his development work, books, and educational materials at MakeAppPie.com, or tune in to his podcast, A Slice of App Pie.

    Skills covered in this course

  • The mind blowing game changer: SwiftUI

    - [Instructor] SwiftUI is blowing minds in the Apple Ecosystem with its descriptive and reactive philosophy. SwiftUI will eventually replace auto layout and storyboards for user interface design. If you are use to UI Kit or App Kit, SwiftUI is a major change in how you will develop applications. With the same code working for all Apple devices including: the watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPad, and iPhone, setting up user interfaces is now easier than ever. You'll learn how to make user interfaces that only a few lines of code would take hundreds otherwise. You'll quickly lay out views of the preview window. You'll be able to quickly test every view in your UI. Your user interface will be automatically adaptable for font accessibility in dark mode. You'll hook up models to your views reactively, saving you from tedious handling of model changes. In this course we'll build together the front end of a pizza restaurant ordering app,…

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