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    Habits have been identified as the key to success over the long term. Take a short break for learning and learn a new success habit. Join experienced and insightful instructor Chris Croft as he delivers valuable and practical success tips. He covers topics such as the relationship between success, money, and happiness; emotional intelligence; goal setting; organization; purpose; and creativity.


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      Chris Croft

      ★ Writer and Keynote Speaker, Project Management and Time Management, Negotiation Skills ~ UK-based

      Lecturer turned thought leader Chris Croft has trained 80,000+ people in project management and leadership.

      Chris has also provided instruction on time management and negotiation, and has trained six million people on and LinkedIn Learning. He comes from an operations background, having earned an engineering degree from Cambridge, qualified as a chartered engineer, and worked as a senior manager in manufacturing for 10 years. He earned an MBA and worked as a university lecturer at Bournemouth University Business School for four years before starting his own training company in 1992. Since then, he has been in constant demand as a speaker, and his free email tips are sent to over 20,000 people.

      His website,, offers a free email tip of the month, a wide-ranging and unusual blog, and free instant guides. Chris has also created numerous free iPhone and Android apps, notably his Jobs To Do app and his Daily Happiness Tips app.

      His book Time Management is available from Amazon and most bookshops. He has 11 other instant guide mini-books at and on the Amazon Kindle Store, and recently published The Big Book of Happiness for the Kindle, as well as the rather eccentric Management Vegetables.

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  • Welcome to success

    - My name's Chris Croft, and welcome to this series of videos on the subject of success. We're going to be looking at the skills and habits required to be successful, to help you to achieve whatever you regard as success. Successful in work and successful in your life generally. Success means different things to different people. For example, you might want to publish a book or build up your own company, or have a great career within your current organization, or to make a difference to the world, or to raise fantastic kids, or all of the above. Some of these things lead to money and some of them don't. So, success is not the same as making money, but you can see that if they do involve money, it's the money that follows that success. Success isn't about the money itself. Money's just a measure of success in some areas of life. And then there's the link between success and happiness. Maybe there isn't one or maybe there is. We'll come to that as well. In each video, I'll be covering…

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