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    For thousands of years, molds have been used to form raw materials like clay and metal into art, jewelry, and tools. With modern plastics, software, and manufacturing technologies, it's possible to cast almost any object from a mold. This course is an introduction to mold design in SOLIDWORKS, for everything from one-off prototyping to mass-manufacture of a variety of products. Learn best practices for getting repeatable, high-quality results with 3D printing and CNC machines. Design consultant and instructor Tam Black also provides an overview of the materials available for at-home and industrial-scale molding and casting, and helps you understand which production method is suitable for your scale of manufacture.


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      Tam Black

      Design Consultant

      Tam Black is a multidisciplinary design consultant, an avid member of the maker scene, and a lifetime learner.

      She combines her real-world experience with manual manufacturing methods and her education in design thinking to bring a cumulative perspective on the art of prototyping and design for manufacture. She teaches building and crafting techniques on-site at Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts, and online classes for LinkedIn Learning.

      Tam's specialties include design for manufacture, design for assembly, prototyping, and production scale-up. You can find her on Instagram

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  • What is mold design?

    - [Tam] Have you always wanted to design your own objects, but didn't know where to start? There's a whole world of making techniques from small scale to mass production that are accessible to everyone. With the technology available today, you can design your project in 3D modeling software and have a physical model in a matter of days. By learning more about the way things are made, you can get your ideas that much closer to reality. There are many connections to be made between prototyping and mass production techniques and understanding what's possible can help save a lot of time, resources, and effort with trial and error. In this course, I'll be covering design considerations for molding using solid works to demonstrate concepts. I'll discuss industry terms, look at an overview of materials, and talk about how to make the most out of your design. I'll also be talking about how these design methods translate from the hands-on prototyping stage to larger scale manufacturing…

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