Software Testing: Planning Tests for Mobile

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    Delivering mobile apps requires a high-quality system and strategy for effective testing. In this course, instructor Mike Fine walks through the different stages of testing and preparing a mobile app for market. He begins by going over how to plan and execute your alpha test, which includes identifying key hardware for testing and avoiding common problems. Next, he covers how to prepare a beta test plan, including how to establish a timeline for the project, identify good test candidates, and focus on integrating customer validation as part of the assessment process. To wrap up, Mike addresses release management and overall strategies for continued improvements into both of these processes.


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      Mike Fine

      • Mike is the founder, director, and senior test manager at Centercode.

        Mike has been involved in test programs for over 25 years. Throughout his career, he's conducted and managed more than 1000 projects, wrote three books—including Beta Testing for Better Software—and cultivated expertise in product development, quality, sales, testing, customer validation, service, and customer experience. He also founded Centercode, a SaaS business delivering software and services designed to help organizations of all sizes achieve highly successful customer validation tests. In his current role at the company, he supervises the management of dozens of tests a year. In addition, he conducts projects for many of the largest manufacturers in the technology industry.

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  • Testing mobile applications

    - [Mike] Two out of three people on this planet have a phone or tablet. Simply stated, mobile is mandatory for anyone developing a product, and quality is absolutely critical for you to succeed in this huge space. Developing for mobile is different in a lot of ways. Through this course you will learn how to execute testing to ensure your mobile product maintains the same level of quality that you expect from any other software product you develop or use. The goal of this course is to help you establish a clear line of attack to delivering a quality mobile product. I'm Mike Fine. I have over 25 years of hands-on experience working in testing, I'm an author on quality, and helped found a customer-validation software and services company, Centercode, in 2001. If you're about to embark on testing a new mobile application, revisit an app that needs some polishing, or simply want to learn ways to improve your quality…

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