Skilled Trades: Manufacturing Careers

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    Many of the objects that make up our world—from the coffee mugs in our cupboards to the laptops on our desks—were transformed into finished products via the wonders of modern manufacturing. But while the manufacturing industry is seen as a critical part of society, many folks still associate manufacturing jobs with tedious assembly-line labor. In reality, today’s advanced manufacturing roles boast higher-than-average pay rates, a longer job tenure than most, and one of the highest percentage of workers eligible for health benefits. In this course, Kipp Bradford acquaints job seekers with opportunities in the manufacturing trades, explaining what these jobs look like, which challenges and opportunities they present, and how to jump-start a career in this growing field.


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      Kipp Bradford

      CTO at Treau/Thermal Avenger • Former MIT Media Lab Scientist • Engineer Of The Future •

      Kipp Bradford is an engineer working at the boundaries of emerging technology and industries.

      He has founded several startups in the fields of HVAC+R, transportation, consumer products, and medical devices, and holds numerous patents for his inventions. His background spans biomechanical and electrical engineering, design, entrepreneurship, and thermodynamics. He has designed and manufactured many products, from toys to air conditioners. When he's not making things, Kipp teaches on the faculty at the Yale School of Architecture. Prior to that, he was on the faculty at the MIT Media Lab, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Brown University School of Engineering.

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  • What is manufacturing?

    (energetic music) - When you think of manufacturing, what comes to mind? Many of the everyday objects that we buy and use have been transformed from raw materials into finished goods inside factories. And that, in its simplest form, is manufacturing. Every day around the world factories manufacturer thousands upon thousands of new products. These products are as simple as a sheet of paper, as complex as a car, and as commonplace as this computer mouse. Obviously, these products don't make themselves. Highly trained manufacturing professionals are responsible for figuring out how these products should get made, and making sure they get made properly. We depend on the manufacturing trades to deliver these products safely, reliably, and affordably. - Manufacturing is one of the greatest hidden secrets in the country. And advanced manufacturing jobs really do offer an amazing array of career opportunities, and one that everyone in need of a career, in need of a job change, should…

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