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Serving Customers Using Social Media

Template or free text?

From the course: Serving Customers Using Social Media

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    Social media is a critical new tool for customer service. Using it right is an artform. When you reply to one customer, thousands read your response. Every word is shared with the world. This course prepares you to serve customers in high-stakes channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Leslie O’Flahavan explains how to respond quickly, move from public to private channels, and write in an authentic but professional tone that blends your company’s templated responses with your own personal touch. Examine real-world tweets, Facebook posts, ratings, and reviews to see what happens when skillful customer service reps talk down angry customers and even trolls. Leslie also provides writing tips to keep your grammar and punctuation professional and in line with your company’s brand.


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      Leslie O'Flahavan

      • Leslie O'Flahavan is an online writing expert.

        Leslie specializes in helping organizations improve the quality of customer service responses. She helps employees improve the quality of the email, chat, and social media messages they send to customers. Leslie develops and teaches hands-on, practical, high-energy writing courses that help people do their jobs: write useful, readable web content; publish e-newsletters; repurpose content for multichannel publishing; and write plain language documents readers can use.

    Skills covered in this course

  • The special skills of social customer care

    - Some people believe that it's never okay to use templates or canned responses in social media customer service. They argue that because social customer service is public, you're never actually communicating with just one customer. People who are anti-template feel that everyone will be put off by your copy and paste customer care. Well, whether you are pro-template or anti-template, there are times when you will need a template. For example, if your company suffers some type of customer service emergency, an outage, a product recall, or a snowstorm that delays deliveries, your social channels are going to blow up. When there was a power outage at the City Zoo, the social customer service team used this templated tweet to let everyone know. There's no way the customer service agents would have been able to handle all the contacts unless they used a pre-written response. Another good time to use a template is when…

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