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    The SAP ERP, or enterprise resource planning, platform helps large businesses streamline their processes and support each segment of their business, from sales to financial accounting. In this course, instructor Justin Valley helps you get started with SAP ERP, going over key concepts and tips that can help you use this enterprise software most effectively. Justin goes over the difference between technical modules and functional modules in SAP and explores key SAP modules, including SAP project systems (PS) and SAP human capital management (HCM). He also goes over how to navigate inside SAP as an end user, use various search methods to find data, run and export reports from SAP, and more.


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      Justin Valley

      SAP Trainer, Instructional Designer, and Organizational Change Manager

      Justin Valley is a SAP trainer, instructional designer, and organizational change manager.

      Justin is skilled at analyzing, developing, and implementing effective change management and training programs that lead to greater user adoption rates. Currently, Justin works as a director at TKP Labs, a nonprofit technology organization dedicated to providing computer programming and Internet of Things (IoT) training for eight to 18-year-old students. There, he facilitates versatile train-the-trainer sessions with nontechnical teachers, parents, and interns across varied geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, including a three-week teacher training in the West Bank which resulted in the certification of 21 computer science graduates and teachers who now lead seven independent courses. Prior to his current role, he's worked as a SAP trainer and instructional designer at several large companies, including Warner Bros. Entertainment and Costco Wholesale.

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  • Understanding SAP ERP

    - [Justin] The SAP ERP provides large businesses with a single software system to support all major business functions, no matter the industry. SAP's ERP is a suite of integrated modules used to collect, transact and report on data from their business activities. It enables the flow of information between the different parts of a company and with outside stakeholders, like customers and vendors. My name is Justin Valley. I have been an SAP trainer and organizational change manager for over 10 years. I've been a part of 11 SAP implementations at Fortune 500 companies across various industries. This course is for anyone who uses SAP ERP at work, or anyone who wants a high-level understanding of this enterprise software. I'll cover tips and tricks to help you use SAP more effectively. If you want to expand your knowledge on how SAP ERP can work together with your business and take your navigation and reporting skills to another level, this course is for you.

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