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    As your company grows, tracking key business processes becomes increasingly more complex. SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool built with small businesses in mind. As a small business, you may not need all the functionality—and cost—of SAP ERP, and SAP Business One may be a better solution for your tech needs. In this course, join Steven Lipton as he helps you get up to speed with the primary modules in Business One, including Sales, Purchasing, Banking, and Financials. Steven highlights the system’s benefits and limitations, shows how to customize modules and reports, and more. To lend these concepts a real-world context, he follows the story of a computer distributor using Business One with a customer, explaining how the company could customize their system.


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    - [Steven] The goal of business is to make money. Tracking all the various processes in any business is a daunting task. Business systems can track cashflow as it goes in and out the door and all the details in between. For small and medium companies too big for small web-based applications, and wanting better, integrated reporting across their business processes, there is SAP Business One. We'll look at all the primary modules from accounts payable to accounts receivable, through inventory and production, to financial statements and reporting. We'll follow the story of a computer distributor as they use SAP Business One with a pizza restaurant customer, and how they might set up and customize their system. Hi, I'm Steven Lipton, CIO of a manufacturing company running SAP Business One. Join me on LinkedIn Learning for my course on SAP Business One.

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