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    QuickBooks was designed to make day-to-day business tasks—sending money, receiving money, and assessing your company's financial situation—easier to manage. This course provides concise, actionable tips for using the popular business accounting software to manage your daily operations and assess your company's overall performance. Jess Stratton covers essential processes such as backing up and restoring a company file, discounting an item or invoice, creating statements, and voiding invoices and checks. Plus, she shares how to use reporting tools to assess your company's overall health, as well as how to extend QuickBooks by including your logo on invoices, adding a password-protected close date to your company file, and more.


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      Jess Stratton

      I invite fictional people out to coffee on social media every day so you can learn how to make the real connections.

      Jess Stratton is a LinkedIn Learning staff author and tech consultant specializing in productivity and mobile.

      For over 10 years, Jess Stratton has operated her own technology consulting business, creating and maintaining databases for both enterprise and small-to-medium businesses, building websites, setting up networks, and coaching teams, employees, and individuals to harness the latest desktop and mobile technology for increased productivity. Jess is now a full-time staff author at lynda.com, in addition to being a regular and regarded presenter at Lotus Notes conferences and a contributing author for several industry print and web magazines, textbooks, podcasts, webcasts, and other popular sites, including Lifehacker.com. You can find Jess on her website at www.solacelearning.com or follow her on Twitter @NerdGirlJess.

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    - [Jess] QuickBooks can handle just about every aspect of running a business, so you can focus on your business. In addition to making sure your company file is backed up regularly, you'll also need to know how to use QuickBooks for day-to-day operations such as handling discounts, working with cash sales, and fixing deposit issues. You'll also need to know how your company is doing as a whole through reports and easy-to-follow interfaces. My name is Jess Stratton, and in this LinkedIn Learning course, I'll quickly take you through many of the tasks you'll need to get your work done in QuickBooks.

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