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Python for Data Science Essential Training

Course by: Lillian Pierson, P.E.
Python for Data Science Essential Training Watch preview
  • Course details

    By using Python to glean value from your raw data, you can simplify the often complex journey from data to value. In this practical, hands-on course, learn how to use Python for data preparation, data munging, data visualization, and predictive analytics. Instructor Lillian Pierson, P.E. covers the essential Python methods for preparing, cleaning, reformatting, and visualizing your data for use in analytics and data science. She helps to provide you with a working understanding of machine learning, as well as outlier analysis, cluster analysis, and network analysis. Plus, Lillian explains how to create web-based data visualizations with, and how to use Python to scrape the web and capture your own data sets.


    • Lillian Pierson, P.E.

      Lillian Pierson, P.E.

      Business & Data Strategist. I support business leaders to increase their ROI via effective data strategy.
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      Lillian Pierson, P.E. is a leading expert in the field of big data and data science.

      She equips working professionals and students with the data skills they need to stay competitive in today's data-driven economy.

      Lillian has recently become a data science instructor for multiple courses on LinkedIn Learning. She's also the author of several highly-referenced technical books by the John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publishing company—including Data Science for Dummies (2017, 2015)—and has spent the last decade training and consulting for large technical organizations in the private sector, such as IBM, BMC, Dell, and Intel, as well as government organizations, from the US Navy down to the local government level.

      As the Founder of Data-Mania LLC, Lillian offers online and face-to-face training courses, as well as workshops and other educational materials in the area of big data, data science, and data analytics.

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  • Getting started with Jupyter

    - [Instructor] Jupyter came with your Anaconda install, so let me show you how to run Jupyter. You just go to the application and launch it and then your console will open up. Right now, these are a bunch of files that I've been working with for the course, but let's look at some notebooks that come with the course. You're going to get all of these notebooks in the Exercises Files. Let's look at the first one. And I just wanted to point out that these are the cells where you code, and when you're coding you just want to make sure that they're set at code so that Jupyter knows to treat them that way. When you want to run the coding cell, you can either point and click this button here, or you could hit shift enter or control enter. That's the very basics about Jupyter and Notebook that you need for this course.

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