Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1

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    Python for Data Science Essential Training is one of the most popular data science courses at LinkedIn Learning. It has now been updated and expanded to two parts—for even more hands-on experience with Python. In this course, instructor Lillian Pierson takes you step by step through a practical data science project: a web scraper that downloads and analyzes data from the web. Along the way, she introduces techniques to clean, reformat, transform, and describe raw data; generate visualizations; remove outliers; perform simple data analysis; and generate interactive graphs using the Plotly library. You should walk away from this training with basic coding experience that you can take to your organization and quickly apply to your own custom data science projects.


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      Lillian Pierson, P.E.

      Data and Analytics Strategy Leader • Helping Data Professionals Become Data Leaders • I trained 1M+ workers on AI

      Lillian Pierson, P.E. is a leading expert in the field of big data and data science.

      She equips working professionals and students with the data skills they need to stay competitive in today's data-driven economy.

      Lillian has recently become a data science instructor for multiple courses on LinkedIn Learning. She's also the author of several highly-referenced technical books by the John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publishing company—including Data Science for Dummies (2017, 2015)—and has spent the last decade training and consulting for large technical organizations in the private sector, such as IBM, BMC, Dell, and Intel, as well as government organizations, from the US Navy down to the local government level.

      As the Founder of Data-Mania LLC, Lillian offers online and face-to-face training courses, as well as workshops and other educational materials in the area of big data, data science, and data analytics.

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    - [Lillian] Have you ever wanted to be able to copy and paste a bunch of data off a website, or just get the gist of all the content without actually having to read through line by line? Then I'm going to show you how to build a web scraper in Python, so you can have that data written off the web for you automatically, and I'm going to introduce you to a Python library that will even automate that text analysis for you. Hi, I'm Lillian Pierson. I'm a data strategist that specializes in training and advising. Let's get going on Python for Data Science.

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