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    Design patterns encourage programming efficiency and code reuse. This course is a look at traditional design patterns as applied to Python. Jungwoo Ryoo covers 15 essential creational, structural, and behavioral patterns to help you solve common coding challenges, while introducing best practices that will keep your solutions consistent, complete, and correct.


    • Jungwoo Ryoo

      Jungwoo Ryoo

      Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University
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      Jungwoo Ryoo teaches IT, cyber security, and risk analysis at Penn State.

      Jungwoo is a professor of information sciences and technology (IST) at the Pennsylvania State University (Altoona College). He is also a graduate and affiliated faculty member of the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State, and a tenured faculty member of the B.S. degree program in security and risk analysis at Penn State Altoona.

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    - Hi, I'm Jungwoo Ryoo and welcome to Design Patterns with Python. In this course, we'll review 15 essential software design patterns. I'll start by going over fundamental design pattern concepts then show you how to use creational design patterns. We'll also see how structural design patterns work, as well as behavioral design patterns. In addition to all these design patterns, I'll be covering the fundamental principles in software design. Now let's get started with Design Patterns with Python.

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