Project Management Foundations: Teams

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    Explore leading techniques for understanding the personality traits of team members, and for managing the development of teams. Instructor Daniel Stanton discusses the value of learning about team members and explains a number of assessments that can assist with identifying personality types, emotional intelligence, strengths, and work styles. He also shares ways project managers can use these tools to relate to colleagues and create an environment in which everyone is able to succeed.


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      Daniel Stanton

      ► Mr. Supply Chain ◄

      • Daniel Stanton, PMP, CSCP, SCPro, CSSBB, is an award-winning business educator, executive, and entrepreneur.

        Known as "Mr. Supply Chain," Daniel served five years in the military before getting a masters in logistics engineering from MIT and working as a supply chain project manager for a global manufacturing company. His best-selling book, Supply Chain Management For Dummies, has been translated into several languages. He has also cofounded tech startups and been an advisor and senior executive for nonprofit education associations. Daniel believes that supply chains are key to understanding how businesses deliver value to customers, and projects are the way we make improvements to supply chains. You can learn more about his work, and follow him on social media, at

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    - Psychologist Abraham Maslow said that if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. As project managers, we need to know how to motivate people and how to help them work together effectively. And the truth is, that can be one of the hardest parts of the job. So we want to have tools in our toolbox that can help us understand these challenges and find effective solutions. Now I'm not a psychologist or a sociologist, but when it comes to managing project teams, there are tools based on psychology and sociology that can help. My goal with this course is to give you a practical explanation of some of the most common frameworks so that you understand what they are and can decide whether they might be useful for you. Then you'll be able to dig deeper when the time is right. This course is going to help you become a better leader, a more effective communicator, and a more successful…

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