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    Discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively. Author Nick Brazzi walks you through the essentials of using Teams, starting with basic setup, creating new teams, and joining existing teams. Nick covers organizing teams and members and shows how to conduct conversations. He explains how to create scheduled meetings or initiate impromptu meetings inside Teams, and demonstrates file sharing. Finally, Nick walks you through customizing user settings, and explains how to use Teams on mobile devices.


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      Nick Brazzi

      Senior Staff Instructor, LinkedIn Learning

      Nick Brazzi is a staff author on productivity and mobile topics for LinkedIn Learning.

      A former Apple educator, Nick has been teaching desktop productivity and video editing for over 10 years. Before joining, he was a software trainer and instruction designer for Apple, and a regular guest speaker for several Macintosh user groups in the Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Nick demonstrates his skills in various unicycle-related sports.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Communicate effectively using Microsoft Teams

    - [Nick] Communication is one the biggest keys to success in the workplace. Microsoft Teams offers several tools designed to make that communication easier. From online meetings, to group conversations and private chat messages. I'm Nick Brazzi and I've put together a training course that covers the essential features in Microsoft Teams. Teams is part of Office 365 Business, a collection of tools from Microsoft for staying productive in the workplace. Teams does a lot, but there are three big categories that we focus on in this course. There are group conversation threads, which are accessible to groups of people that you can define. Private chats let you send messages to specific people, which are not visible to others. You can also do private audio and video calls, so you can have face-to-face communication with people who are not in the same building. And then there are meetings. Meetings can be scheduled ahead of…

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