Microsoft Office 365: Administration

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    More organizations are moving resources to the cloud—and for those organizations, Microsoft Office 365 is the solution of choice. It's a one-stop shop for user management, email services, real-time collaboration, and secure file storage. From managing global settings to configuring advanced security, this course details the process of successfully managing an enterprise implementation of Office 365. Learn how to adjust user and subscription settings, configure Exchange mailboxes and groups, set up SharePoint sites, manage Microsoft Teams, and perform advanced configurations, such as multifactor authentication and PowerShell scripting. Microsoft MVP David Elfassy guides you through everything you need to competently and confidently manage an Office 365 deployment at your organization.


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      David Elfassy

      David Elfassy is a Microsoft consultant and trainer, specializing in Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

      David began his career in IT in the early 90s, delivering Microsoft Official Curriculum, and has specialized in Microsoft Exchange Server since 1997. He worked as a project lead on many migrations and implementations of Microsoft infrastructure technologies for governmental and corporate organizations, helping these groups migrate to the new versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. He has also been working closely with Microsoft Learning teams on various marketing and certification projects, particularly on curriculum development for multiple arms of Microsoft Corp. David is a co-owner and senior technical adviser for two Microsoft Gold Certified Partners—Netlogon Technologies (specializing in large-enterprise consulting) and Kalleo (specializing in small-business network management)—overseeing teams of consultants and network technicians.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Learning to administer Office 365

    - [Instructor] More and more organizations are moving their resources to the cloud for collaboration. And for those organizations, Microsoft 365 is the solution of choice. Hello, my name is David Elfassy and I help organizations deploy, manage, and maintain Microsoft 365 solutions. In this course we will look at how to manage your resources in the cloud, deploy secure solution for your user population, get the most out of the Microsoft 365 deployment looking at specific workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive. We will look at how to implement teams and how to secure your solution and your data. We will also look at how to effectively manage all of your resources that are stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

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