Marketing Tools: Automation

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    Automation is a must-have for organizations looking to get the most out of their marketing budget. This course provides guidance on how to pick the right marketing automation tool for your company, and use it effectively to automate time-consuming marketing tasks. Along the way, get an overview of what each top marketing automation solution has to offer. Instructor Brad Batesole walks you through some of the most popular uses of automation, showcased in tools like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp. Plus, Brad shares how to leverage tools that help you measure the success of your marketing automation initiative using key metrics.


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      Brad Batesole

      Partner @ Madecraft | Instructor @ LinkedIn Learning | Growth Marketer

      Brad Batesole is an internationally recognized marketing thought leader.

      Brad has led teams at top companies including LinkedIn, LegalZoom,, and TMZ. He's a proven entrepreneur, startup advisor, and growth marketing expert. His wildly popular instructional marketing courses are among the most watched online.

      Brad has spent more than 15 years working at the crossroads of growth marketing, business development, and advertising. He was featured in Entrepreneur magazine after launching his first successful business at the age of 15. Brad honed his skills working as a growth consultant alongside brands large and small, including Warby Parker, Staples, BioLite, Dickies, and Urban Outfitters. He has also served as an advisor to multiple startups, providing marketing direction and strategic advice.

      In addition to speaking at conferences nationwide, including CES and SXSW, Brad is constantly learning the latest marketing tools and technologies. Brad's passion for marketing is rivaled only by his passion for flying and whiskey—at separate times, of course.

      Today, Brad is the chief learning officer at MadeCraft and can be found on Twitter @bradbatesole or

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  • Modern marketing is automated

    - We are in one of the hardest wars for customer attention ever, and the only way to win is with automation. But, automation has a reputation of being tedious, leaving it off the priority list for the majority of marketing teams, and this just isn't the case. With the right plan, and understanding of the tools available, and a recipe to get started, you'll be well on your way to staying relevant. Hi, I'm Brad Batesole, and I've been advising some of the top brands on marketing strategies for over 15 years. Automation is no longer the future of marketing. It's the now. So, join me, right here on LinkedIn Learning, and I'll show you my favorite tools, plus, how to plan and deploy your automation strategy.

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