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    As products get smarter—and as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more a part of everyday life—electronic components are more commonplace in product design and prototyping. In this course, learn how to prepare electronic schematics for fabrication as printed circuit boards (PCBs) using the EAGLE PCB layout software from Autodesk. Instructor Taylor Hokanson shows how to design a circuit in schematic view and translate it to a physical PCB design. He also shows how to prepare the board for manufacturing by examining your design for errors and warnings.


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      Taylor Hokanson

      Interim Associate Chair, Art and Art History at Columbia College Chicago

      Taylor Hokanson is a DIY engineer, CAD/CAM evangelist, and assistant professor at Columbia College Chicago.

      Like the digital media at the center of his research, Hokanson's practice blurs the boundaries between conceptual art and the hard sciences. As a DIY engineer, he frequently works with hacked electronics, changing the function of common consumer gadgets so that they become alien and unfamiliar. His sledgehammer-operated keyboard is a popular example. In changing the scale, material, and interface of a common device, Hokanson asks the user to reconsider a communicative medium devalued by ease of use.

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    - [Taylor] Electronic devices are all around us, from computers and smartphones to coffee makers and toys. The PCBs, or printed circuit boards, that drive these devices used to be the domain of electrical engineers and other highly skilled designers. However, now that manufacturing is accessible to a wider audience, it's realistic for just about anyone with a little knowledge of electrical theory to use programs like EAGLE to produce small batches of custom PCBs. Maybe you've got an idea for a little board that emails you when your basement floods, but you don't like any of the solutions you find online. With EAGLE you can whip up a schematic, upload it to a service provider, and have your design produced with the same level of polish you expect to find in a commercial product. My name is Taylor Hokanson. I'm an artist, educator, and DIY engineer based in Chicago. In my LinkedIn Learning course, I'm going to take you through the step-by-step process of designing custom PCBs in EAGLE…

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