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Planning projects, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and releasing results can all be managed in Jira, the popular and collaborative software for development teams. In this course, Robert Anthony shares his expertise as he guides you through the fundamentals of using Jira. Robert digs deep into the tool's features, helping to transform everyday users into power users. Learn how to create tickets, locate issues assigned to you and others, use advanced search, create dashboards, and set up workflow boards to organize work. In addition, Robert facilitates several challenges and solutions, so you can practice what you learn as you follow along. This course covers elements of the new Jira experience, including next-gen boards and user projects.


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    Robert Anthony

    Jira Administration/Atlassian Guru/Process Design & Management

    Robert Anthony is an expert software administrator helping organizations implement agile development tools.

    Robert has extensive experience in product management life cycles. His career started as a QA technician and analyst, then grew to include roles in product management, project management, and business process management. These interconnected roles led to his current position as a professional consultant who helps companies introduce, configure, and adopt the use of Jira Software.

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