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Learning Java Lambda Expressions

Course by: Peggy Fisher
Learning Java Lambda Expressions Watch preview
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    A lambda expression is a clear and concise way to represent a one method interface. Lambda expressions can be used as method arguments or to iterate, filter, and extract data from a collection. This course explores Oracle's Java 8 specification for lambda expressions, and the syntax and use cases for using lambdas with collections, streams, and maps. Staff instructor and Java expert Peggy Fisher also introduces techniques for programming functional interfaces in Java.


    • Peggy Fisher

      Peggy Fisher

      Content Strategist, Software Development Languages at Linkedin Learning Solutions with content
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      Peggy Fisher is a programmer and content manager at LinkedIn Learning.

      Peggy's main focus is application programming in Java, Arduino, and C++. She has also worked on courses in COBOL and discrete ,athematics. Previously she was a faculty member at Penn State University's College of Information Sciences and Technology. She started out as a programmer working for a large insurance company, but after 18 years she left her job as a director of information technology to pursue her true passion teaching. She earned a master's degree in math education, and went on to teach high school math and computer science in Pennsylvania. In 2012, Peggy accepted a position as an instructional designer at Penn State, and shortly thereafter began teaching Intro to Application Programming with Java. She is a strong supporter of women in STEM. As one of the few female programming teachers, she serves as a mentor to incoming female freshmen who are considering a career in programming. She was also the K–12 outreach coordinator for the college, where she scheduled, ran, and taught summer camps for middle school and high school students. In a PBS NewsHour interview, she expressed that all students should take at least one programming class either in high school or college. Peggy enjoys constantly learning and finding new and exciting ways to bring technology to life in and outside of the classroom, such as using Arduino microcontrollers or Lego Mindstorms, to help make learning hands-on and fun.

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  • Welcome

    - [Peggy] Welcome. My name is Peggy Fisher, and this is my series on Lambda Expressions in Java. With Java 8, Oracle included, the Java specification request JSR-335 Lambda Expression for the Java Programming Language. For those of you who are not familiar with JSRs, they are actual descriptions of proposed and final specifications for the Java platform. The lambda expressions provide a clear and concise way to represent one method interface using an expression. Lambda expressions also improve the collection library, making it easier to iterate through, filter, and extract data from a collection using streams. To help transition to this new feature of Java 8, I will review the syntax, walk through examples of using lambda with Java collection, streams and maps. Before we dive into lambdas, I will also review the concept of functional interfaces. Now, let's get started with lambda expressions in Java.

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