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Learning Java by Example

Parse REST calls using Jackson

From the course: Learning Java by Example

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    Do you learn best by doing? Why not learn Java that way? Learn Java Concepts by Example is a Java cookbook that pairs four Java programming challenges with step-by-step solutions. Julian Robichaux shows how to create command-line applications to search text and access a relational database, a GUI app to display and resize images, and a Java API to access third-party webpage content. By practicing these examples, you'll learn concepts such as regular expressions, arrays, JDBC, JAR files, Swing, Java math, lambdas, and RESTful programming—all within the context of real-world applications.


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      Julian Robichaux

      • Julian Robichaux is a software engineer focused on Eclipse and Java.

        Julian has been a professional programmer in the private sector since the early nineties. His programming career began with BBS software and Clipper-compliant databases, soon moving to the Lotus Notes/Domino platform, followed by writing software and applications for IBM technologies and systems in general. Along the way, Julian has developed websites, and even written a few iPhone apps.

        While he currently works on the MarvelClient product for panagenda, Julian has worked on consulting and development projects for a number of Fortune 500 companies around the US. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences about IBM collaboration systems in the US and Europe. Find him on Twitter @jrobichaux or LinkedIn.

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    - [Voiceover] We just got done talking about the JSONP Library so now let's talk about another library that also parses JSON but in a much different way. In this section, we're going to use the Jackson JSON library. There are two versions of Jackson, the full Jackson library and the smaller and more lightweight Jackson Junior library. The full Jackson library split some of it's functionality up into multiple JAR files so the main Jackson package is split up into core, databind and annotations. I find it a lot easier just to use the Jackson Junior library. It has a limited set of functionality but it's got everything we need in a single JAR file. I've already downloaded the Jackson Junior JAR file, so let's add it to the Lib folder and the Build Path like before. Right click the project, choose Import, File System. And import the JAR file. We can move this to this to the Lib folder like before. And right click Build Path, Add to Build Path. Before we get started, I also want to do a…

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