Learning Java (2018)

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    Java is one of the top five programming languages, and is used for websites, embedded controllers, and Android app development. This is an introduction to get you started programming with Java 9-and the newly introduced JShell. Instructor Kathryn Hodge covers all the basics: data types, strings, arrays, loops, and functions. She helps you control the flow and logic of your code, and debug your project to make sure it runs perfectly. Then go a bit beyond the basics and learn advanced techniques such as encapsulation, inheritance, functional programming, and lambdas. Kathryn introduces challenges along the way to practice your new skills. This three-hour course is perfect for developers who need to get up to speed with Java fast, as well as for beginning programmers who want their first taste of this popular language.


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      Kathryn Hodge

      Kathryn Hodge works as a software developer at a media company.

      In addition to her work as a developer, Kathryn runs a YouTube channel for people wanting to learn how to code. Before graduating college, she worked for three years as a computer science teaching assistant. She is very interested in the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology, and is focused on creating software that makes an impact.

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    - [Kathryn] Hi, I'm Kathryn Hodge, and welcome to Learning Java. In this course, we'll look at the newly introduced Java 9 JShell as well as a sample integrated development environment. We'll also look at some programming fundamentals, such as data structures and expressions, while seeing how they are implemented in Java and relate to the concept of object-oriented programming. Along the way, we will be using real-world examples, and you will be challenged with writing programs that include these new topics that we'll be discussing. Let's go ahead and jump right in.

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