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    Learn the basics of both current versions of the world's most popular approach to IT service management: ITIL® v3 and ITIL® 4. Learn what ITIL® covers and why it matters to you and your organization. Learn the basics of ITIL® v3: the service lifecycle; processes and functions; and roles, technology and automation. Then compare the major differences in ITIL® 4: the four dimensions; the service value system; the service value chain; and the guiding principles, and practices. Instructor David Pultorak—an ITIL® contributor and consultant—also helps you learn the basics of ITIL® certification, including the ITIL® v3 and 4 certification schemes, and provides tips for passing the certification exam.


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      David Pultorak

      Chief Executive, Pultorak & Associates, LTD and Acceleres Corporation

      David Pultorak is a veteran IT management consultant and the founder and CEO of Pultorak & Associates.

      David leverages his wealth of industry knowledge to help individuals, teams, and organizations improve service management outcomes and practices. In addition to founding Pultorak & Associates—a provider of ITIL® consulting, training, courseware, and exams—he's also the founder of Acceleres, which helps organizations get further, faster with digital transformation, with a focus on Microsoft products and technologies. Most recently, he founded the Open Service Management Alliance, which promotes open, community-driven, social service management. David has reflected his experience in his content contributions to ITIL®, COBIT, MOF, and OSM, and in numerous books, articles, and speeches. He has a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania focused on organizational science, and undergraduate degrees in math and music.

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    - [Dave] Welcome to Learning ITIL. ITIL is the leading source of IT service management guidance and certification with over two million IT professionals certified. If you create, deliver, support or improve IT services, this course is for you. It's work it for you to get up to speed on ITIL because it's used in many organizations and embedded in many IT management tools you use every day. Knowing ITIL terminology, key principles and models sets you apart in today's organizations because with this knowledge, you can hit the ground running on teams and projects instead of hitting a wall without it. That's why I wrote this course, to help you quickly get oriented on the what and why of ITIL V3 and four in a nutshell, including strategies for learning ITIL and getting certified. I'm Dave Pultorak, and contributed to ITIL Version Two and have been helping people learn and apply ITIL for over 20 years. I've learned a lot in that time about who should consider ITIL training and optionally…

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