Learning Higher-Order Functions with Swift

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    By taking the time to truly grasp higher-order functions, you'll go from merely understanding the Swift language to mastering it. In this course, Bear Cahill shines a spotlight on higher-order functions in Swift, exploring what they are and how to use them. Bear starts by discussing the importance of higher-order functions and the basics of closures and functions as a basis for the rest of the course. He then covers a variety of higher-order functions—including sort, reduce, and compactMap—with a breakdown of the concepts behind each one (so you know when best to apply them). Learn about passing functions, closure optimizations, higher-order functions on strings, and more.


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      Bear Cahill

      Lead Mobile Developer/President @ BrainwashInc.com

      Bear Cahill is a freelance mobile application developer who has worked on over 100 iOS and Android apps.

      In 2008, Bear founded Brainwash Inc., a mobile app development company in Dallas, Texas. Brainwash has developed apps using a variety of technologies, including Core Data, MapKit, StoreKit, Core Location, and other frameworks for email, address book access, audio recording and playback, iPod access, SMS functionality, and more. The company also provides server-side development (Linux-based Ruby on Rails and MySQL). Clients include Escort/Cobra Radar, ATV Escape, Mobiata, AppCubby, AppNoose, Trey Weir Media, IRCO, Ramquest, Semaphore Mobile, and more.

      Bear is also a published author and experienced iOS instructor. Manning Publications Co. published his book iOS in Practice in 2012. He has taught courses for Accelerate and LinkedIn Learning, and has spoken about iOS development at conferences and to outlets such as the Dallas Morning News and CBS MoneyWatch.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Understanding higher-order functions

    - [Bear] Do you want a black belt in Swift? Well, higher-order functions are your kung fu and I am your sensei. We're going to look at what makes Swift unique and powerful. Higher-order functions, gone are the dark days of Objective-C. If you've been confused by map, filter, CompactMap, and reduce, whoa, that's a tricky one there, right? No more. We'll chop the boards and bricks and become the ninjas of Swift. We'll see closures in a new light and pass them around like old library books. I'm Bear Cahill, Head Binary Sequencer at Brainwash Inc. And I can't wait to give you your black belt in higher-order functions.

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