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Docker is the next step beyond virtualization. A Docker image contains everything it needs to run, independent of the Linux server on which it lives: a copy of the operating system, a database, code, configuration files, dependencies, and so on. Images can also be packaged and shared with other Docker admins. Arthur Ulfeldt uses Docker to run complex systems with millions of users and hundreds of containers. Here, he shares his knowledge with you. He introduces the basics of Docker, including its containers, Dockerfiles (or base images), and capabilities for networking, data management, infrastructure optimization, and more. Watch and learn how to build your own containers, as well as how to network and link containers.


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    Arthur Ulfeldt

    Software Engineer at Yummly Instructor on LinkedIn Learning

    Arthur Ulfeldt is a Linux geek, a futurist, and a software engineer at Yummly.

    An all-around tech enthusiast, he gets excited about all the fancy new developments around Linux, new programming languages, and whatever the current "next new thing™" is. His specialties include Clojure, Linux Kernel, security, functional programming, and cloud deployment systems (what used to be called DevOps). He has been a software engineer at Untangle and Brocade and is currently employed at Yummly. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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