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    Every person who works with data has to perform analytics at some point. This popular training course—dramatically expanded and enhanced for 2018—teaches analysts and non-analysts alike the basics of data analytics and reporting. Robin Hunt defines what data analytics is and what data analysts do. She then shows how to identify your data set—including the data you don't have—and interpret and summarize data. She also shows how to perform specialized tasks such as creating workflow diagrams, cleaning data, and joining data sets for reporting. Coverage continues with best practices for data analytics projects, such as verifying data and conducting effective meetings, and common mistakes to avoid. Then learn techniques for repurposing, charting, and pivoting data. Plus, get helpful productivity-enhancing shortcuts and troubleshooting tips for the most popular data analytics program, Microsoft Excel.


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      Robin Hunt

      Data junkie. Star Wars fan. Entrepreneur. [in]structor. I teach Excel, Databases & SharePoint.

      Robin Hunt is a developer and educator focused on process development, data management, and custom workflows.

      Robin loves to inspire people to "think something new" and has a passion for people and data. She actively seeks ways to engage in efforts that support her community and loves being an active part of the entrepreneurial and startup community that's growing in Birmingham, Alabama.

      Robin has been thankful to have followed her entrepreneurial spirit and found a way to combine both her love for teaching and her technical skills as a developer. It's rare to find a developer who is also passionate about teaching or vice versa, but Robin seamlessly blends the two and gives her clients and students the best of both worlds. As a developer, she specializes in process development, data management, and customized workflow solutions. As an educator she loves all things social, data related, and searchable and analyzing them for better decision-making. You can learn more about Robin and her projects at LinkedIn.

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    - [Robin] As we've gained control over the storage and management of data, the need has grown for more analysts to gather and analyze information. Data analysis is crucial in all industries. As we produce more data every year, the need for data analysts will continue to grow. Hi, I'm Robin Hunt. This course is the first step to determine where you may be on your path to analysis and data science. You may discover you're already an analyst. We'll start by learning about data analysts, the roles, and skills, and truth about data. You'll learn to identify data, learn to deal with data you don't have, learn how to work with source data, and the impacts of business roles to your data. You'll learn to join data and build reports. You'll learn productivity enhancing shortcuts for the data tools you may work with already. Let's get started.

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