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    Move DevOps to the cloud and become more agile at software development and operations. This course explains how to set up a cloud-based DevOps process and leverage services offered by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Cloud computing expert David Linthicum first introduces the business case for DevOps in the cloud, which can ensure scalable and continuous delivery, testing, integration, and deployment for organizations of any size. He then explains how to establish a DevOps process on the cloud, and reviews DevOps solutions offered in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Plus, review some use cases that demo real-world implementations of DevOps services on the cloud.


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      David Linthicum

      Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting, Best Selling Author, and Speaker. Father of Cloud Complexity Management.

      • David Linthicum is the chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting.

        David was just named the #1 cloud influencer via a recent major report by Apollo Research. David is a cloud computing thought leader, executive, consultant, author, and speaker. He has been a CTO five times for both public and private companies, and a CEO three times in the last 25 years. Few individuals are true giants of cloud computing, but David's achievements, reputation, and stellar leadership has earned him a lofty position within the industry. It's not just that he is a top thought leader in the cloud computing universe, but he is often the visionary that the wider media invites to offer its readers, listeners, and viewers a peek inside the technology that is reshaping businesses every day. With more than 13 books on computing, more than 5,000 published articles, more than 500 conference presentations, and numerous appearances on radio and TV programs, David has spent the last 20 years leading, showing, and teaching businesses how to use resources more productively and innovate constantly. He has expanded the vision of both startups and established corporations as to what is possible and achievable.

        David is a Gigaom research analyst and writes prolifically for InfoWorld as a cloud computing blogger. David is also a contributor to IEEE Cloud Computing, as well as SearchCloudComputing and SearchAWS from Tech Target. He is quoted in major business publications, including Forbes, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times. David has appeared on NPR several times as a computing industry commentator, and does a weekly podcast on cloud computing.

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    - Welcome to this course. My name's David Linthicum. We're gonna talk about the basics of development, and operations, or DevOps. It's the integration of two concepts. We're able to automate the delivery of software to an end user in almost no time at all. So the old waterfall is dying. The ability to go through weeks, and months even years of software deployments really don't make it to the business at the time they need it. DevOps changes that. DevOps, and cloud computing are linked. We need a place to deploy our software. Cloud computing is a centralized deployment platform that allows that to occur. Development and operations means about changing processes within our development organization as well as applying tools, and technology either on premise, or in the Cloud. I'm gonna take you through that process. Understanding your own needs, where your organization is, where you need to go, opportunities for the technology, and how to pick the right technology to make your DevOps…

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