Learning Adobe Animate CC: Animation

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    Get your start in digital animation with Adobe Animate CC, the program that takes the best features from Flash and bundles them with Creative Cloud tools. Animate uses nested symbols and motion and shape tweening to create the "in-between" images between keyframes. This course is an introduction to the basics: using the drawing tools, creating symbols, tweening, keyframing, etc. No scripting knowledge is required! It's ideal for new animators as well as Flash animators who need help transitioning to the Animate interface. Dermot O' Connor shows how to create a complete scene with backgrounds and characters, and includes tips for adjusting arcs and timing and adding smoke and shadows, sound effects, and camera moves.


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      Dermot O' Connor

      Animator/Teacher: Flash, Harmony, Traditional

      Dermot O' Connor has practiced hand-drawn and digital animation at Don Bluth and the Walt Disney Company.

      Dermot entered the animation industry in 1988, working for Don Bluth's studio in Ireland for five years. During that time he was trained in traditional hand-drawn animation. In the mid-90s he directed CD-ROM interactive titles for Creative Capers Entertainment and Disney Interactive Studios, working on such projects as Timon and Pumbaa's Gamebreak and Topsy Turvy Games. He was introduced to Flash in 2000 and began creating animation for Disney in Los Angeles and Fatkat Animation in Canada. In 2012 he completed a half-hour animated documentary. In 2019 he created the hand-drawn animation on the Alan Parsons music video "As Lights Fall."

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    - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Dermot O'Connor and welcome to Learn Adobe Animate CC: Animation. In this course, I'll show you how to animate an entire scene from the ground up. We'll see how to use the drawing tools to design the character and the background, how to create symbols and how to animate those symbols as motion tweens. You'll see how to generate natural-looking arcs and timing. I'll show you how to create shape tweens to create natural effects like smoke and shadows. We'll cover text and audio and even some camera moves. So let's get started with Learn Adobe Animate CC: Animation.

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