Leadership Foundations

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    Leadership—the art of influencing and developing others to achieve their highest potential—is often identified as the most critical role in an organization. But what is effective leadership and how do you cultivate it? In this course, leadership consultant and global workforce expert Dr. Shirley Davis covers the basics of leading yourself and others. Along the way, she identifies the critical competencies and best practices for effectively leading today and in the future. Learn how to lead across differences and cultivate a more inclusive workplace; establish trust; build relationships up, down, and across the organization; lead change through agility and resilience; have difficult conversations; and more.


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      Dr. Shirley Davis

      Global workforce expert offering solutions for building world class workplace cultures where ALL talent can thrive

      Dr. Shirley Davis is a keynote speaker, corporate executive president, and global workforce management expert.

      Dr. Davis is the CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, a strategic development solutions firm that teaches strategies for how to work, lead, and succeed in a diverse and global workforce. She brings more than 20 years of experience as an executive in talent management, HR strategy, leadership development, and global diversity and inclusion to this role. She has worked in several Fortune 100 global corporations, as well as with government agencies, higher education, and community organizations. Most recently—for eight years—she was the global chief diversity and inclusion officer at the world's largest HR association, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She's a highly sought-after thought leader, international keynote speaker, consultant, and executive coach, and the author of several books.

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  • Understanding effective leadership

    - Hi, I'm Dr. Shirley Davis, a global workforce expert, a certified leadership coach, and a 30-year HR and business executive. I have the pleasure of working with leaders all over the world to build workplace cultures that are inclusive and high-performing, and where all talent can thrive. And so I'm thrilled to bring this course to you, to help you build a foundation for effective leadership. What's important to know is that you don't have to hold a formal leadership role or a title to be a leader. Effective leadership is all about executing the company's vision, and living out values such as integrity, ethics, honesty, respect, humility, and service. It's also about what you do and how you influence and impact others to reach their highest potential and achieve performance goals. I believe that you can lead from any seat in the organization, but there are some general skills that all leadership possess, and that's…

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