IT Service Desk: Management Fundamentals

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    No service desk runs efficiently without proper oversight. Service desk managers are key to effective tech support teams—and industry-proven methodologies and tools are key to a manager's success. This course covers the processes and tools new IT managers need to manage service desk staff and make service desk-related system decisions for the company. First, get familiar with different service desk staffing models and processes. Learn about the telephony systems and software—including social media management tools—that a service desk requires. Find out how to develop a system to ensure quality and define metrics to measure success. Plus, learn how to build important relationships with customers, within the team, and with other IT groups at your company. Instructor Fancy Mills has been helping technical support teams manage staffing and standard operating procedures for over 20 years. Let her help you develop the skills to manage your service desk and increase customer satisfaction.


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      Fancy Mills-Knebel

      Fancy Mills has 20 years of experience in training, consulting, recruiting, and workforce management.

      Fancy's experience focused in the technical support and contact center industries. As a Certified Workforce Manager, she has assisted companies in developing staffing and workforce management best practices and standard operating procedures. As a corporate trainer since 2000, she has certified thousands of support professionals, managers, directors, and corporate trainers around the world in virtual and classroom environments. In addition to training, she has developed and facilitated customized curriculum and training for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of process improvement, quality management, customer service, presentation, communication, and time management skills. Fancy has also served as a session speaker for various industry conferences and events such as Fusion, HDI, and ATD.

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    - We've all worked in organizations that have poor processes and procedures. Or even worse, no processes or procedures. How does that feel? And how can you serve your costumers with no plan? Hi, my name is Fancy Mills and welcome to my course. This course is designed to help you grow and develop the service desk management skills that are required in today's age to be successful. Many of the experiences I'll share with you have been gathered over my years in working in technical support. I've worked with really amazing organizations that have implemented processes, procedures, and programs that have proven to be effective. We want to take these practices and determine how they can work for us. We'll be going over service desk terms, specific staffing considerations, processes, such as service level management, and incident management. And then we'll go into the technologies involved. And finally, measuring customer satisfaction. Building a service desk based on industry proven…

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