IT Service Desk: Customer Service Fundamentals

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    Put the "help" in help desk and the "support" in support specialist by implementing proven techniques that both resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction. In this course, join Fancy Mills as she shares how to take your IT service desk beyond identifying and resolving problems, to also building rapport with customers by alleviating their frustrations. She discusses how to update your operations to include the customer service skills needed for today's customer.

    First, Fancy provides guidance on how to use the right types of questions to gather information about an issue. Then, she explains how to professionally handle common customer service tasks, like escalating and transferring calls. Then, she shows how to hone interactions with customers by refining communications—acknowledging how tone and word choice can diffuse tension. She wraps up by covering common customer behavior scenarios in which the tools, techniques, and strategies from the course can be applied.


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      Fancy Mills-Knebel

      Fancy Mills has 20 years of experience in training, consulting, recruiting, and workforce management.

      Fancy's experience focused in the technical support and contact center industries. As a Certified Workforce Manager, she has assisted companies in developing staffing and workforce management best practices and standard operating procedures. As a corporate trainer since 2000, she has certified thousands of support professionals, managers, directors, and corporate trainers around the world in virtual and classroom environments. In addition to training, she has developed and facilitated customized curriculum and training for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of process improvement, quality management, customer service, presentation, communication, and time management skills. Fancy has also served as a session speaker for various industry conferences and events such as Fusion, HDI, and ATD.

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    - We've all been on the receiving end of poor technical support. Maybe we were left on hold indefinitely. Sent to the wrong service desk or the technician seemed bored. But it doesn't have to be this way. Good customer service is something that can be provided through consistent procedures, proper training and a focus on quality customer service. Hi, my name is Fancy Mills and welcome to my course. This course is designed to help you grow and develop the customer service skills that are required in today's age to be successful. The techniques and tools and strategies that we'll cover, have been acquired throughout my career working in technical support. I've been fortunate enough to work in many successful service desks across the world. And some well, let's just say that aren't so successful. I've learned over 20 years that there's a lot to take away from both types of service desks. The good and the bad. Building rapport and connecting with customers is a main component of providing…

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