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Illustrator CC 2015 Essential Training

Setting up your Illustrator preferences

From the course: Illustrator CC 2015 Essential Training

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    Illustrator is an unparalleled tool for digital artists, and Adobe takes it to new heights with Creative Cloud. This course helps put Illustrator's power and flexibility at your disposal, offering a tip-to-tail overview of the program, from installation to exporting final artwork. Staff author Justin Seeley explains how to work with layers and artboards—the dual core of Illustrator's nondestructive workflow—and start drawing and transforming basic objects. He also shows how to create fills and strokes, add color, work with live effects, and integrate typography into your designs. At the end of the course, he'll show you how to print and export artwork, so you can share it with the world. Start here for everything you need to know to design, draw, and illustrate with Illustrator.


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      Justin Seeley

      Senior Instructional Designer at Twitter

      Justin Seeley is a graphic designer and a renowned software trainer in the creative media industry.

      Justin's podcasts consistently rank among the top software how-to podcasts on the iTunes Store and his techniques have been featured on a variety of internet shows and digital publications. To date, Justin has authored over 50 hours of instructional content on a variety of digital imaging and design related topics. For more information on Justin visit

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    - Although it might not be the flashiest topic in this course, the preferences panel is definitely something that you should be paying attention to. In this movie, I'm going to be walking you through the Illustrator preferences panel, but I want you to keep one thing in mind before we actually start working with it. These are called "preferences" for a reason. So your preferences might be completely different than mine, and that's okay. You set up Illustrator to work the way you want it to, and I'll set up Illustrator the way that I normally would. Just follow along with me so that you know where these options are. On the Mac, you are going to go to the Illustrator menu, on the PC, you'll go to the Edit menu, and choose "Preferences". If you're on the Mac, you may also be able to choose "General" from this, or you can just simply press cmd + k on the Mac, ctrk + k on the PC. That'll bring up your General Preferences panel. In the General Preferences panel, there are several different…

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