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    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation of website and web application development. It allows you to ensure that your content is understood by both segments of your audience: the people who watch, read, or listen to your content, and the computers that display it. In this course, learn how to craft excellent HTML with the pieces that HTML itself has to offer. Instructor Jen Simmons highlights all of the fundamental concepts you need to use HTML thoughtfully. She focuses on semantic markup: tagging content as what it is, and not just for formatting, convention, or convenience. This has far-reaching impact for those who consume the web differently; it ensures that when a screen reader or a system (like a search engine) consumes a page, it knows exactly what it contains and how to categorize that information.


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      Jen Simmons

      Inventing the future of the web.

      Jen Simmons is a designer and developer advocate at Mozilla and a member of the CSS Working Group.

      Jen—who has been creating websites since 1996—works as an independent consultant and trainer helping teams transition to a responsive design process, implement sites with HTML5, or architect Drupal websites to last. She also provides a mix of design and front-end development services. Besides designing for the web, Jen has years of experience designing for live performance and for print. From 2011–2015, she was the host and executive producer of The Web Ahead. Jen continues to share her passion for CSS and design by speaking at conferences and making videos.

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  • What is HTML?

    - HTML is all around us. It's used on websites, in apps, in other software, any time web technology is used. HTML provides the conduit for content, words, images, video and audio, forms, interactive experiences. It's the solid foundation on which everything else is built. Humans speak human languages with millions of words and all kinds of nuance. It takes years to master a human language. Computers also speak languages. Programming languages are far more logical and consistent. The internet is a place where human language meets computer language. Websites are programmed and they're read, watched, or listened to. Content online is consumed by people and it's consumed by other computers. Artificial intelligence is all about trying to get computers to intelligently understand what the humans are up to. What if on the web, we had a way to ensure that all the computers involved understood the human communication that's…

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