Help Desk Handbook for End Users: PC Basics, Hardware, Operating Systems, and Applications

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    In today's world, it is beneficial for everyone who uses a computer to know how it works. Computer literacy is not only knowing how to read email and open files, but also understanding what goes on inside. This course provides self-help style guidance for solving beginner-level IT issues. Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to storage, memory usage, computer setup, wiping a computer for resale, installing apps, file management, and backups. Instructor Scott Jernigan also provides coverage of system peripherals and operating system basics. These tips and tricks are valuable for anyone who needs a quick fix, including help desk administrators and tech support personnel who need resources for their end users.

    This course was created and produced by Total Seminars. We are honored to host this training in our library.


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      Scott Jernigan

      Scott Jernigan has been chief editor at Total Seminars for over 15 years.

      Another unlikely hero in the Total Seminars' saga, Scott was a University of Houston medieval history doctoral student. He sure knew a lot about computers though, primarily because of his obsession with computer games. Scott left the doctoral program and has poured his heart and soul into making great books and other training materials.

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    - Hello and welcome to Help Desk Handbook for End Users: Computing Basics, Hardware, Operating Systems, and Application. I'm your instructor, Scott Jernigan. I've been teaching people about computers for many years, and I love it. This course will teach you the basics about computers that every user should know. That way you'll know what to do during one of those head-scratching "Why is my computer doing that?" moments, and it will help provide the words you need to know to communicate with help desk techs. I'm super excited about this course. Let's get started.

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