Gradle for Java Developers

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    Gradle is an open source build automation tool used by Java developers to define and organize the build process. In this course, learn how Gradle is used, who needs it, how to set it up, and how to tweak its performance. James Harmon explores the reasons for the creation of Gradle, and provides a technical summary of how it works. He explains how to build a Java project with Gradle, add a dependency to a project, and create a library module. Plus, he discusses the Gradle project structure, Gradle tasks, Gradle in the cloud, and more.


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      James Harmon

      James Harmon is the director of mobile training at Object Training Group, Inc.

      In his role at Object Training Group, James is responsible for the development and delivery of training for IT organizations, including courses for Android, Java, Spring, and related technologies. His expertise is in training developers to be more productive by leveraging the latest frameworks, languages and techniques.

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    - [Instructor] I'm Jim Harmon. Welcome to this course on Gradle for Java developers. Gradle is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools for building Java applications, and this course will provide a concise overview of the primary features and capabilities of Gradle. We'll start with a discussion of the reasons why Gradle was developed along with a technical summary of how Gradle works. We'll start out by building a small Java project and then adding Gradle to it, which will reduce some of the pain points that there are in building an application. One of these pain points is managing dependencies, and we'll explore various ways that Gradle can help us there. Then we'll see how we can break our project down into smaller pieces using Gradle modules. We'll take a quick tour of the Gradle project directory structure so you can become familiar with what the Gradle project looks like and how it differs from a regular Java project. Then, we will discuss one of the key elements of…

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