First Look: Java 9

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    Get your first look at the changes in Java 9—the first new version of this popular object-oriented language in three and a half years. Java 9 offers approximately 90 new features. In this course, Peggy Fisher reviews the most important features, including Project Jigsaw, JShell, and the enhanced Process API. Learn how to create more modular, scalable code with Jigsaw; evaluate declarations, statements, and expressions with JShell; and access, control, and manage OS processes with the Process API. Plus, explore the three new classes for handling HTTP/2 requests, and get resources for learning more about Java 9.


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      Peggy Fisher

      Lecturer at Penn State University

      Peggy Fisher is a programmer and content manager at LinkedIn Learning.

      Peggy's main focus is application programming in Java, Arduino, and C++. She has also worked on courses in COBOL and discrete ,athematics. Previously she was a faculty member at Penn State University's College of Information Sciences and Technology. She started out as a programmer working for a large insurance company, but after 18 years she left her job as a director of information technology to pursue her true passion teaching. She earned a master's degree in math education, and went on to teach high school math and computer science in Pennsylvania. In 2012, Peggy accepted a position as an instructional designer at Penn State, and shortly thereafter began teaching Intro to Application Programming with Java. She is a strong supporter of women in STEM. As one of the few female programming teachers, she serves as a mentor to incoming female freshmen who are considering a career in programming. She was also the K–12 outreach coordinator for the college, where she scheduled, ran, and taught summer camps for middle school and high school students. In a PBS NewsHour interview, she expressed that all students should take at least one programming class either in high school or college. Peggy enjoys constantly learning and finding new and exciting ways to bring technology to life in and outside of the classroom, such as using Arduino microcontrollers or Lego Mindstorms, to help make learning hands-on and fun.

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    - [Peggy] Hi, my name is Peggy Fisher, and I will be your instructor for this first look at Java 9. The purpose of this course is to review the new features that are being added with this new release. Although I will not be going over every single feature, I am going to highlight a few that I think are pretty important. I will also review some resources that are available to find out more about all the features included in JDK 9. Next, I will review four specific features that I feel are important to understand and know more about. These include Project Jigsaw, which is a major change to Java and actually is going to help modularize Java, jshell, which provides a REPL session for Java which stands for Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop. There are also some new process API changes and there's an incubator project for working with HTTP/2. Finally, I will highlight some of the prominent features expected in this new release. If you're ready, let's learn more about what to expect with Java 9.

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