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    Security is the greatest need in the digital world right now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. And when it comes to protecting a private network, a firewall is the most fundamental security technology out there. In this course, Sean Colins covers the fundamentals of firewall functionality, configuration, and administration in short, easy-to-understand segments designed to put this complex network security technology into the reach of novice to intermediate firewall administrators. Sean goes over basic and advanced firewall configuration tasks, shares practical case studies, and offers troubleshooting tips. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll be ready to get your own firewall up and running on your network.


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      Sean Colins

      Another set of eyes on the problem when you’ve been staring at the problem for too long alone.

      Sean Colins is a management consultant, award-winning author, certified trainer, and entrepreneur.

      Sean began his technology career at Disney Imagineering before starting his first technology consulting business, The Answer Company, in 1995. Sean eventually moved into a full-time position as publishing systems manager at Weider Publications, where he managed the Y2K remediation and led the world's largest fitness publishing company to transition its IT systems to the Macintosh platform. In 2002, he launched Core Professional Services, also known as CoreQuick, to channel his years of experience to benefit the most people possible, consulting with companies anywhere the work would take him. In 2006, company founder Lynda Weinman approached Sean to author content for, and as a result of the LinkedIn acquisition Sean's work may now be viewed in the collection at LinkedIn Learning. Now an award-winning author and public speaker with an established international audience, Sean continues to work with world-class business customers as a consultant and business coach, employing his many years of experience and training and his proven instincts to empower executives to course correct their organizations.

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  • Why do you need a firewall?

    - [Narrator] Take a moment to imagine something with me. Your at home, you've had a long business day and you sit down to your computer to get some home stuff done. You know this sort of thing, returning emails, paying bills, maybe listen to a pod cast. You notice that everything on your computer is running incredibly slowly. Over a few days you notice that your computer is only slow when your at home You call for help, your regular I.T. guy has no idea what's wrong. Can't explain it and so calls in a expert. The expert spends some time looking at logs, analyzing your computer and your network equipment logs. He asks to see your security camera DVR and then your home TV DVR and then the wall system panel you used to control your heating and air conditioning and your security cameras. And your home lighting system. that you've been hacked. Not only is your home router passing traffic from a dozen foreign countries hosted on your home security DVR. But literally every internet of things…

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