Extending, Securing, and Dockerizing Spring Boot Microservices

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    Build on the foundational knowledge you have of the Spring framework. Learn how to extend, refine, harden, test, and "dockerize" your Spring Boot microservices, and turn them into production-ready applications. Instructor Mary Ellen Bowman teaches the intermediate skills you need to build professional-grade programs, emphasizing standards for quality, security, persistence, and deployment. She shows how to link to external databases, build secure APIs, use unit and integration testing to uncover application flaws during development, and configure scalable deployment options with Docker containers.


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      Mary Ellen Bowman

      Senior Software Engineer & LinkedIn Learning Instructor/Author

      Mary Ellen Bowman has 25+ years of full life-cycle software development experience in various industries.

      Her work spans from identity theft protection, aerospace, supply chain management, and logistics, to defense and telephony. Her most recent work is in web enablement using Spring (including Spring Data JPA, Boot, and REST). She was a software development instructor with Learning Tree International.

      Her specialties include Java, Spring, Java Persistence API, RESTful web services, Java EE, Agile, SQL, jQuery, Ext JS, JavaScript, JSON, Apache Tomcat, UML, JDBC, mentoring, formal instruction, C++, HTTP, and enterprise architecture.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Elevate a microservice

    - [Mary] Are you read to graduate from coding simple demos to writing real applications? We'll start with a basic Spring Boot Microservice, then elevate it to a production-ready application employing standards of quality, security, persistence and deployment. I'm talking about external databases with schema versioning, secured APIs, progression test coverage and application delivery with Docker. Hi, I'm Mary Ellen Bowman. I'm a senior job developer and I regularly employ these standards when creating solutions. If you are up to the challenge, then I invite you to join me on this learning journey. So let's go!

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