Excel 2013: Pivot Tables

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    Join Curt Frye as he explains how to leverage PivotTables to summarize, sort, count, and chart your data in Microsoft Excel. Curt shows you how to navigate the complexity of PivotTables while taking advantage of their power. This course shows how to build PivotTables from single or multiple data sources, add calculated fields, filter your results, and format your layout to make it more readable. Plus, learn how to enhance PivotTable with macros, DAX expressions, and the PowerPivot add-in for analyzing millions of rows of data.


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      Curt Frye

      Online course developer, freelance writer, and speaker. MBA.

      Curt Frye is the president of Technology and Society, Incorporated.

      He is the author of more than 40 books, including Microsoft Excel 2019 Step by Step for Microsoft Press, and has created and recorded more than 60 courses for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning. As a speaker, he has presented talks on topics including "Rhetorical Mathematics" for CLE credit at the Law and Magic conference, "Business Storytelling Using Microsoft Excel" at the ATD-Cascadia annual conference, and his Improspectives® approach to applying the techniques of improv theater to business and life for numerous audiences. As a performer, he has appeared in over 1,300 improv comedy shows with ComedySportz Portland and presents his Magic of the Mind show to theatrical and corporate audiences. Curt earned his BA in political science from Syracuse University and his MBA from the University of Illinois.

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    - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Curt Frye. Welcome to Excel 2013, Pivot Tables in Depth. In this course, I'll show you how to use pivot tables to gain valuable insights from your organization's data. I'll begin by showing you how to create a pivot table from data already in your Excel workbook. Then, using that knowledge as a base, I'll demonstrate how to create pivot tables using data from an external source. I'll enhance your ability to analyze your data by showing you how to reorganized or pivot a pivot table. After you've organized your pivot tables data you can sort and filter it's contents to develop useful insights into your business. I'll also show you how to create conditional formats that highlight subsets of your data, control your pivot table using macros, and summarize huge data sets using the power pivot add-in. Power pivot's capabilities have been extended with the new power view add-in. In short, I'll show you how to summarize and analyze data using one of Excel's most powerful…

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