Enterprise Architecture Foundations

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    You don’t need an engineering background to craft a winning business strategy. But since modern organizations rely on software systems to help them grow and scale, business leaders also need tech-savvy professionals on deck to help craft a technology strategy that pairs well with their company’s goals. This is where enterprise architecture (EA)—the practice and collection of skills used to align technology and business strategies—comes in. In this course, Dave Swersky breaks down an enterprise architect’s role in an organization, what a career in EA looks like, and how to integrate EA in your organization. Learn what differentiates an architect from a senior or lead developer; how application, solution, and enterprise architects differ; how to create an EA organization; and more.


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      David Swersky

      Dave Swersky is a DevOps and enterprise architect with over 20 years of IT experience.

      Currently, Dave works as a solutions architect for the US Department of Agriculture, where he offers DevOps strategy consulting—including cloud and CI/CD development—enterprise architecture strategy, and application architecture and support.

      Dave's first job in computing was building PCs for a retailer—back when the 486 was state of the art. He then had an opportunity to work at Microsoft Product Support, where he began to dabble in programming. (Access will always have a special place in his heart.)

      He developed applications using VB for Applications, VB6, and VB.NET, in systems ranging across asset management, ERP, and web portal. He made his transition to C# while working on a content management platform and never looked back. Then, after more than ten years writing software on the .NET platform, he transitioned to enterprise architecture. His focus and passion is now DevOps and continuous delivery.

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  • Enterprise architecture

    - Enterprise Architecture. What is it? You may have heard of it, but never seen it in action. Perhaps now you've stumbled into an opportunity. Turns out your next project requires you to interact with an architect. Or maybe you're looking to become one yourself. Now what? Well that's where I can help. My name is Dave Swersky, and I'm a Certified Enterprise Architect. With this course, I want to introduce you to Enterprise Architecture and the benefits it provides companies, business people, architects, and developers. I'll also dive into different architectural roles. And where your skillset and experience might fit in. You'll also get a chance to look at a few frameworks and methodologies for practicing Enterprise Architecture. So, whether you're here to learn about how to work with EA, or how to join an EA team, I've got plenty of information to share with you. Let's get started.

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