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    Do you have big filmmaking dreams but lack the Hollywood budget? By diving into the world of DIY filmmaking, you can make your film dreams come true. Ash Blodgett is an award-winning indie film director who wants to help you achieve your filmmaking goals—without going bankrupt. Learn how to format a screenplay, create an effective shot list, make a budget you can stick to, build your own props, keep your shoots running smoothly, and much more. Ash helps you find creative and low-cost solutions to a variety of problems, and shares time-saving workflows that will free up more time for what you love best: making movies.

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      Ash Blodgett

      Filmmaker, YouTuber, Instructor, and General Funny Person.

      • Ash Blodgett is a freelance writer, director, cinematographer, and editor specializing in narrative comedy.

        Ash wrote and directed an award-winning short film entitled Hold Up; produced and directed multiple comedy shorts and shows for her YouTube channel Laugh Stash TV, totaling over 15 million views; worked as a cinematographer and director for LinkedIn Learning; and edited several season of the reality TV show, Full Custom Garage. In 2016 she also traveled the world shooting a documentary series for the International Olympic Committee entitled Design Focus.

        You can check out her work at

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  • How to make a call sheet

    - I call upon you Ouija demon, come and do my evil bidding. I summon the, Zozo. - [Zozo] What? That's today? I didn't get a call sheet. - The what? - [Zozo] The call sheet, it's only the most important document to make sure everyone shows up on time. - Oh I guess I missed that part of the spell. - [Zozo] (sighing) That's it, I can't work with amateurs. - No wait, don't go, I need you to sabotage Mindy's cookies so I win the bake-off. Ah rats. Oh! That's a good idea. A call sheet is a document that you send to all of your cast and crew to ensure they know exactly when, and where, you're shooting. It's a vital piece of communication that could make or break your shoot day. If a cast or crew member doesn't know when or where to show up, you may find your shoot already sabotaged. So lets go over some of the key elements that make up a call sheet, so all your demons show up on time. Call sheets are usually…

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