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    Information technology (IT) has changed the way we approach ordinary tasks—from settling the bill at restaurants to driving—and more industries than ever are leveraging IT to work smarter. As companies strive to keep up with the times, the number of available tech jobs has grown exponentially. It's a great time to launch a career in this ever-changing field. But with so many options to choose from, how do you determine which path is right for you? In this course, Jungwoo Ryoo shines a spotlight on a variety of careers in software engineering, system administration, cybersecurity, and data science. Jungwoo breaks down what each job actually entails, shares practical tips that can help you break into the career of your choice, and discusses relevant certifications.


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      Jungwoo Ryoo

      Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University

      Jungwoo Ryoo teaches IT, cyber security, and risk analysis at Penn State.

      Jungwoo is a professor of information sciences and technology (IST) at the Pennsylvania State University (Altoona College). He is also a graduate and affiliated faculty member of the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State, and a tenured faculty member of the B.S. degree program in security and risk analysis at Penn State Altoona.

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  • Decisions, decisions: Which career in IT should you pursue?

    - [Jungwoo] Information technology, or IT, is such a broad term and it touches upon so many aspects of our lives. Take your finances, a mobile app on your phone allows you to transfer money, banks monitor your purchases and detect fraud, all through IT. Healthcare, appliances, consumer groups, things that are ever-present in our lives. They are leveraging IT to become better, faster, more efficient, and make our lives easier. There are a number of newly-emerging occupations in IT, this diversity of IT development careers and its ever-changing nature are why you need to pay close attention to what these opportunities involve and what their requirements are. The danger is that you might not even know about your dream job, even if you have the right attitude and a high potential to be successful in it. So join me, Jungwoo Ryoo, in learning a bit more about what's available in the professional IT world. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and this course will empower you to make…

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