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    When a customer receives exceptional service, you don’t just earn their business—you earn their loyalty. And while every customer is different, the methods for thinking about delight are shared by all. In this course, Chris Croft focuses on these methods, sharing over two dozen practical ways to inspire yourself and your team to generate ideas for delighting your clientele. Regardless of your industry, these tips can help you and your colleagues go beyond the basics and create personalized, meaningful customer service experiences.


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      Chris Croft

      ★ Writer and Keynote Speaker, Project Management and Time Management, Negotiation Skills ~ UK-based

      • Lecturer turned thought leader Chris Croft has trained 80,000+ people in project management and leadership.Chris has also provided instruction on time management and negotiation, and has trained six million people on and LinkedIn Learning. He comes from an operations background, having earned an engineering degree from Cambridge, qualified as a chartered engineer, and worked as a senior manager in manufacturing for 10 years. He earned an MBA and worked as a university lecturer at Bournemouth University Business School for four years before starting his own training company in 1992. Since then, he has been in constant demand as a speaker, and his free email tips are sent to over 20,000 people.His website,, offers a free email tip of the month, a wide-ranging and unusual blog, and free instant guides. Chris has also created numerous free iPhone and Android apps, notably his Jobs To Do app and his Daily Happiness Tips app.His book Time Management is available from Amazon and most bookshops. He has 11 other instant guide mini-books at and on the Amazon Kindle Store, and recently published The Big Book of Happiness for the Kindle, as well as the rather eccentric Management Vegetables.

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    - I think the logical progression from personalizing things is to remember the customer from last time. And I've got a few examples of this just to illustrate the point. I've already mentioned my Chinese takeaway place. When I ring up they say, "Would you like your usual?" And they remember me. They didn't actually remember me, they've just got a system. But I feel as if they remember me and that's great! But imagine if you phoned up the takeaway and they recognized your voice, and they said, "That's Chris, isn't it?" That would be really good! I used to have a doctor who remembered me. This was Dr. Yates in Bristol. And when I used to go and see him, just every two or three years it probably was, he would go, "Oh, hi Chris! "How are you doing? "Are you still working in that factory? "Did you ever get that machine working?" And I remember thinking, "God, that's good!" But of course, he probably just wrote some notes down at the end of each consultation, "A boring bloke who works in factory." And then, when I next went to see him, he'd say, "Oh yeah, I remember him." In fact, he probably didn't even remember me. He probably just said, "Are you still working "in that factory?" But the point was, I felt as if he cared. And the fact that he made enough effort just to write some stuff down, shows that he does care, to an extent. So if you have to have a system where you make little notes about your customers, why not? My final example was that I stayed in a bed-and-breakfast once, and they said, "What would you like for breakfast?" And I said, "Please could I have bacon and mushrooms?" And they said, "Oh, we're really sorry. "We haven't got any mushrooms. "Really sorry." And I said, "That's OK, I don't mind. "Bacon on its own is fine." And then when I stayed there again a few months later, when I first arrived there, they said, "Oh, we've got some mushrooms in "specially for you because we know "you like those." And I said, "I've gone off mushrooms now." No, I didn't! I was just delighted that they remembered me and made the extra effort of buying those mushrooms. It's not much money, I mean, it was probably 50 pence or something for some mushrooms. to remember me and made the effort to buy them, I thought that was really great. And I would always stay at that B & B, I would recommend that B & B to everyone because of that. So can you have systems that help you remember people? Can you actually find a way to remember them? And can you show them that you remember them from last time? Because if you can, you really will delight those customers.

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