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Customer Service Leadership

Developing your service strategy

From the course: Customer Service Leadership

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    Customer service leadership is an exciting responsibility—and it's never been more important. Fast-evolving customer expectations, emerging service channels, and the multifaceted nature of delivering service are just a few of the challenges customer service teams face. Learn to lead with intention, and set a direction that is right for your customers, employees, and organization. This practical course covers how to align customer service with company goals, identify and meet customer expectations, cultivate an engaged team, and get the support and resources you need. Whether your approach involves in-person services, contact centers, social media, self-service, or any combination, this course is designed to get you up to speed fast on the factors essential for success.


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      Brad Cleveland

      Author, Speaker, Consultant / Senior Advisor, ICMI

      • Brad Cleveland is a globally-known customer strategy, management, and omnichannel services expert.

        A sought-after consultant and speaker, Brad has worked in 45 states and over 60 countries, and his clients have included many of today's service leaders—Apple, American Express, USAA, Google, and others. He has also advised governments in the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

        Brad has authored eight books and is the recipient of an best-selling award. His books and articles have been translated into over a dozen languages, and he has appeared in media ranging from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times to NPR's All Things Considered and others. He has received numerous industry awards in the customer service field, and was nominated for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian 21st Century Pioneering Award. In May 2012, Brad was recipient of ICMI's Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

        One of the initial partners in and former president and CEO of the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), Brad grew the firm into a global industry leader that is now part of United Business Media (London: UBM.L). Today, he is a busy consultant, writer, and speaker.

        Brad lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, with his wife, Kirsten, and their daughter, Grace. He is a private pilot, enjoys skiing and mountain biking, and has logged an estimated five million miles in travel.

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    - Whether you're a one person design company, a 50 person software startup or a global airline with thousands of employees, you'll need a strategy for serving your customers. Strategy is the bridge between your organization's vision and mission and the specific decisions required to make them a reality. Whom will you hire? What hours will you be open? What technologies will you need and others? As you develop customer service, the need for a plan becomes clear. Just think about a new product. Will it affect recruiting, hiring or training? How should these new customer service interactions get routed? In other words, what person or group will handle them? How will the workload change? Will that impact resources and budget? You get the idea, there are many decisions you and your team will need to make. In customer service, strategy takes the form of a specific plan which is often referred to as a customer access strategy or alternatively, a customer engagement strategy. Some just call…

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