CSS: Animation

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    CSS animation offers a whole new way to bring motion to interactive projects. It's a core skill for web designers and developers and a feature users have come to expect from modern websites. This course presents a series of basic CSS animation projects: site features such as rollover buttons, 3D transforms, animated graphics and logos, load screens, and more.

    Web designer Val Head introduces CSS transforms and transitions—the foundation of most CSS animations—and shows how to keyframe simple animations and adjust their timing, fill, and direction. She also covers looping and chaining animations, animating HTML and SVG elements, and optimizing animation performance, and introduces the best tools and use cases for CSS animation. Start watching to get your brand in motion.


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      Val Head

      Speaker, Author, Design Advocate

      Val Head is a web designer and consultant who leads workshops on web design and creative coding.

      Val Head is a web designer and consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. She works with agencies and small businesses to make fun and effective web sites. She speaks internationally at conferences and leads workshops on web design and creative coding. Val tweets too much, occasionally dribbbles, and blogs somewhat inconsistently.

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    - Motion design is quickly becoming a core skill for web designers. Designers and developers are realizing the power of web animation to engage, delight, and communicate with their users. I'm Val Head, and I'll be leading you through this course on CSS animation. As a designer and animation consultant, I help my clients make web animation work for them and get their brand in motion in a meaningful way. I'm the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animation and co-host of the Motion and Meaning Podcast. I'm excited to introduce you to the world of CSS animation. This course is for web designers and developers who have some experience with CSS and want to take their understanding of CSS animation to the next level. This course is designed as a comprehensive look at how to animate with CSS and which common web design tasks CSS animation is best for. We'll cover the basics of CSS transforms and transitions, then get into depth with CSS keyframe animations. I'll show you how CSS can be used…

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