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    Critical thinking is the ability to think reflectively and independently in order to make thoughtful decisions. By focusing on root-cause issues critical thinking helps you avoid future problems that can result from your actions. In this course, leadership trainer and expert Mike Figliuolo outlines a series of techniques to help you develop your critical thinking skills. He reveals how to define the problem you're trying to solve and then provides a number of critical thinking tools such as blowing up the business, asking the 5 whys and the 7 so whats, exploring the 80/20 rule, and more. He also provides guidance on how to develop this skill across your whole team.


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      Mike Figliuolo

      Managing Director of thoughtLEADERS LLC and Author at LinkedIn Learning

      Mike Figliuolo is founder and managing director of thoughtLEADERS, LLC, a professional services training firm.

      He is a nationally recognized speaker and blogger on the topics of leadership, communications, decision-making, problem solving, and other critical business skills. An honor graduate from West Point, Mike served in the US Army as a combat arms officer. Before founding his own company, he was an assistant professor at Duke University, a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and an executive at Capital One and Scotts Miracle-Gro. He is the author of One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership (, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results (, and The Elegant Pitch: Create a Compelling Recommendation, Build Broad Support, and Get it Approved ( Mike's blog and the programs he teaches can be found at

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    - Have you ever solved one problem only to realize you created a bigger one? Have you ever thought you solved the problem but then discovered you only cured a symptom and didn't fix the root cause? The reason these things happen is because you're not thinking critically. Critical thinking is both a mindset and the application of some real simple tools. I'm Mike Figliuolo and I've been applying and teaching critical thinking methods for years across all different industries and business functions, I've found these critical thinking skills to be invaluable. In this course, I'll share critical thinking techniques like: defining the real problem, the five why's, the seven so what's, blowing up the business, the 80/20 rule, and how to conduct insightful analysis. I'll discuss how you can apply these techniques to your daily work and how you can build a culture of critical thinking within your team.

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