Continuous Integration: Tools

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Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices enable developers to reliably produce applications at a faster rate—and enhance team collaboration in the process. As CI/CD grew to become a key DevOps practice area, new CI/CD tools began proliferating throughout the industry. Curious about which tools are right for your team? In this course, Michael Jenkins digs into a variety of CI/CD tools in several different categories, highlighting the pros and cons of each one. Learn about self-hosted options such as Jenkins and Bamboo, SaaS tools, and options from cloud service providers and code repositories.


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    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins is a senior systems engineer at a leading company in the entertainment industry.

    A computer engineer with experience in administering web services and the Linux systems that host them, Michael also has past experience in Windows system administration and engineering application support.

    His advanced skills include process automation and technical writing (for procedures, documentation, and presentations).

    Michael is an experienced facilitator for training sessions and technical discussions. He has strong customer service skills with a reputation for troubleshooting technical problems quickly-or taking steps to find the right help when a solution isn't immediately available!

    Specialties include scripting in Bash, Perl, and Python. He is well-versed in cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and a bit of Microsoft Azure.

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