CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U61) Cert Prep 1: Computer Basics, Hardware, and Operating Systems

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    Learn the fundamentals you need to ace the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U61) exam. Passing the exam earns you the ITF+ certification, designed for advanced users considering a career in IT. This certification is a great entry point for novices transitioning to IT pros—and this three-part cert prep series provides "self-help" style guidance that you can use to study for the exam. The first course covers computer basics, hardware, and operating systems. Instructor Scott Jernigan helps you identify the components of a computer, connect devices and peripherals, set up data storage, and recognize the commonalities of different operating systems. In the final chapter, he provides a hands-on demo of setting up a PC and closes with an Ask Me Anything-style video where he answers common questions about PCs.

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      Scott Jernigan

      Scott Jernigan has been chief editor at Total Seminars for over 15 years.

      Another unlikely hero in the Total Seminars' saga, Scott was a University of Houston medieval history doctoral student. He sure knew a lot about computers though, primarily because of his obsession with computer games. Scott left the doctoral program and has poured his heart and soul into making great books and other training materials.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Introduction to IT fundamentals

    - Hello, I'm Scott Jernigan. Welcome to CompTIA IT Fundamentals Plus, knowledge that every citizen of the 21st Century should have. We interact with computers and computing devices all the time in our every day life, from smart phones to work stations, at home, at work, at the neighborhood cafe. The ITF Plus exam objectives cover the basics of how computing devices work, what you can do with them, and how they all network together. The certification targets two groups of people: folks who need to know the essentials of computing, that's pretty much everybody, and people who are thinking a career in IT might be cool and want to dip their toes in the water. The IT Fundamentals FC0U61 exam objectives consist of six parts. So here's the scoop on each one. The concepts and terminology section focuses on what you might expect, jargon that's commonly used when discussing computer stuff. This includes definitions like binary,…

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